Kathleen's Gallery is based on a belief that our area of western North Carolina is filled with hugely talented artists and craftspeople deserving of a gallery where they can display and sell their pieces. Our discerning customers want the best, and they want to support our local art community. It all comes together at Kathleen's. 


   We have about 1,000 different items at Kathleen's Gallery, and our selection changes constantly. While each item is unique and special, they all have at least one thing in common: they started out as a germ of an idea in an artist's imagination. Our artists and craftspeople never cease to surprise, amaze and inspire us. Every day we accept customer compliments on their behalf. When you come to Saluda, plan to stop in and spend some time at Kathleen's. We promise you will see things you have never seen before nor imagined. That's what our artists strive so hard to create for you.

   Kathleen's Gallery is located on Main Street in Saluda, North Carolina. Saluda is a small mountain town near Asheville, known for it arts and crafts, outdoor activities, great restaurants and... coon dogs.

   Our store offers items created by dozens of richly talented local artists and craftspeople, including folk art, jewelry, pottery, wood and iron pieces, fine art and  greeting cards... something for every taste and budget, many things that you won't find anywhere else.